Real-estate News: Blackstone Revisits Its Debt Plan For Hilton

Lucky Numbers And Other Real Estate Superstitions

Here is a look at real-estate news from Wednesdays WSJ, including the Property Report: Blackstone Revisits Its Debt Plan for Hilton :As Blackstone prepares to return Hilton to the public market, it once again is planning a huge CMBS deal for the worlds largest hotel chain that will test the debt market. Once Voracious Zell Puts Less on Real-Estate Plate : Sam Zell gained the nickname the grave dancer in the early 1990s for buying beaten-down real-estate properties and riding them to huge recoveries. During the recent downturn, he rarely has made it to the funeral. Developers Bet Big on Seattle :Seattles growing technology sector is giving webpage area developers grand visions. This Sale Isnt for the Birds : New ownership will mean an end to a unique hotel tradition: duck parades at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando, Fla.
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Commercial real estate borrowers are sometimes surprised to discover that their loan is being serviced by a firm with which they have no relationship. These servicers, who oversee massive amounts of debt, are highly sophisticated firms that participate in a universe specifically known as CMBS and generally known as real estate capital markets, securitizations, or structured finance. In the CMBS universe, mortgages are originated then pooled into Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits or REMIC Trusts. The basic idea is that the monthly loan payments, including the principal and interest, from many commercial real estate loans are combined and funneled through the trust. The periodic cash flows and the full principal repayment at loan maturity are similar to a bond and CMBS arrangers utilize this bond-like feature of mortgages to sell the bonds and the loan cash flows, as securities. These complex REMIC Trusts help to provide the crucial liquidity lenders need to refinance existing debt and originate new loans.
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Commercial Real Estate Lenders and Servicers: Changing Faces

Whats luck got to do with it? You cant depend on superstitions to help you get lucky in real estate. If youre a buyer, focus on finding the right home for you, at the right time. If youre a seller, get a good agent, show your property at its best, know your market well and price your home right. Its these things rather than specific numbers or burying a statue that will bring you good luck in the end. Related: The Anatomy of a Real Estate Purchase Brendon DeSimone is a Realtor and one of the nations leading real estate experts.
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